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Restrictions on affordable housing development requirementsPreferential treatmentRequirements as conditions.

(1) A city, county, or other local governmental entity or agency may not adopt, impose, or enforce requirements on an affordable housing development that are different than the requirements imposed on housing developments generally.
(2) This section does not prohibit any city, county, or other local governmental entity or agency from extending preferential treatment to affordable housing developments intended for including, but not limited to, occupancy by homeless persons, farmworkers, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, or low-income households. Preferential treatment may include, but is not limited to: A reduction or waiver of fees or changes in applicable requirements including, without limitation, architectural requirements, site development requirements, property line requirements, building setback requirements, or vehicle parking requirements; or other treatment that reduces or is likely to reduce the development or operating costs of an affordable housing development.
(3) A city, county, or other local governmental entity or agency may impose and enforce requirements on affordable housing developments as conditions of loans, grants, financial support, tax benefits, subsidy funds, or sale or lease of public property, or as conditions to eligibility for any affordable housing incentive program under RCW 36.70A.540 or any other program involving bonus density, transfer of development rights, waiver of development regulations or fees, or other development incentives.
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