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Comprehensive planOptional elements.

The comprehensive plan may include also any or all of the following optional elements:
(1) A conservation element for the conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources.
(2) An open space, park, and recreation element.
(3) A transportation element showing a comprehensive system of surface, air, and water transportation routes and facilities.
(4) A public-use element showing general locations, designs, and arrangements of public buildings and uses.
(5) A public utilities element showing general plans for public and franchised services and facilities.
(6) A redevelopment or renewal element showing plans for the redevelopment or renewal of slum and blighted areas.
(7) An urban design element for general organization of the physical parts of the urban landscape.
(8) Other elements dealing with subjects that, in the opinion of the legislative body, relate to the development of the municipality, or are essential or desirable to coordinate public services and programs with such development.
(9) A solar energy element for encouragement and protection of access to direct sunlight for solar energy systems.


Severability1979 ex.s. c 170: See note following RCW 64.04.140.
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