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The following words or terms as used in this chapter shall have the meanings set forth below unless different meanings are clearly indicated by the context:
(1) "Chief administrative officer" means the mayor in code cities operating under the mayor-council and commission forms, the city manager in code cities operating under the council-manager forms, or such other officer as the charter of a charter code city designates as the chief administrative officer.
(2) "City" means an incorporated city or town.
(3) "Code city" is used where the application of this chapter is limited to a code city; where joint, regional, or cooperative action is intended, a code city may be included in the unrestricted terms "city" or "municipality".
(4) "Comprehensive plan" means the policies and proposals approved by the legislative body as set forth in RCW 35A.63.060 through 35A.63.072 of this chapter and containing, at least, the elements set forth in RCW 35A.63.061.
(5) "Legislative body" means a code city council, a code city commission, and, in cases involving regional or cooperative planning or action, the governing body of a municipality.
(6) "Municipality" includes any code city and, in cases of regional or cooperative planning or action, any city, town, township, county, or special district.
(7) "Ordinance" means a legislative enactment by the legislative body of a municipality; in this chapter "ordinance" is synonymous with the term "resolution" when "resolution" is used as representing a legislative enactment.
(8) "Planning agency" means any person, body, or organization designated by the legislative body to perform a planning function or portion thereof for a municipality, and includes, without limitation, any commission, committee, department, or board together with its staff members, employees, agents, and consultants.
(9) "Special district" means that portion of the state, county, or other political subdivision created under general law for rendering of one or more local public services or for administrative, educational, judicial, or political purposes.
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