Chapter 35A.60 RCW



35A.60.010General law applicable.

General law applicable.

The general law relating to liens including but not limited to the provisions of Title 60 RCW, as the same relates to cities of any class shall apply to code cities. Every code city may exercise the authority to perform services to property within the city and to claim and foreclose liens allowed therefor by general laws for any class of city including but not limited to the following provisions: (1) Chapter 35.80 RCW, relating to unfit dwellings, buildings and structures; (2) RCW 35.22.320, relating to the cost of filling cesspools; (3) RCW 35.85.030, relating to assessment liens for viaducts, elevated roadways, tunnels, and subways; (4) RCW 35.21.130, 35.21.140, 35.21.150, and 35.22.320 for garbage collection; (5) chapters 35.50, 35.55 and 35.56 RCW relating to enforcement of local improvement liens; (6) RCW 35.73.050 relating to the expense of sanitary fills; (7) RCW 35.67.200 through 35.67.290, relating to sewerage systems and service; (8) RCW 35.68.070, 35.69.030, 35.70.090, relating to sidewalks; (9) RCW * 35.49.120 through 35.49.160, relating to priority of tax liens; (10) RCW 35.21.290 and 35.21.300, providing for liens for utility services; (11) chapter 84.60 RCW relating to lien of taxes upon property; (12) RCW 4.16.030, relating to foreclosure of local improvement liens; (13) chapter 60.76 RCW, relating to lien of employees for contribution to benefit plans; and (14) chapter 60.28 RCW, relating to lien for labor and materials on public works.


*Reviser's note: RCW 35.49.120 was repealed by 1994 c 301 § 57.