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Licenses issued under business license actFee structuresLicense renewalPenalty accommodationInconsistent ordinances.

(1) A general business license that must be issued and renewed through the business licensing service in accordance with chapter 19.02 RCW is subject to the provisions of this section.
(2)(a) A city has broad authority to impose a fee structure as provided by RCW 35.22.280, 35.23.440, and 35A.82.020. However, any fee structure selected by a city must be within the department's technical ability to administer. The department has the sole discretion to determine if it can administer a city's fee structure.
(b) If the department is unable to administer a city's fee structure, the city must work with the department to adopt a fee structure that is administrable by the department. If a city fails to comply with this subsection (2)(b), it may not enforce its general business licensing requirements on any person until the effective date of a fee structure that is administrable by the department.
(3) A general business license may not be renewed more frequently than once per year except that the department may require a more frequent renewal date as may be necessary to synchronize the renewal date for the general business license with the business's business license expiration date.
(4) The business licensing system need not accommodate any monetary penalty imposed by a city for failing to obtain or renew a general business license. The penalty imposed in RCW 19.02.085 applies to general business licenses that are not renewed by their expiration date.
(5) The department may refuse to administer any provision of a city business license ordinance that is inconsistent with this chapter.
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