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Public transportation feasibility studyAdvanced financial support payments.

Any municipality, as defined in RCW 35.95.020, may be eligible to receive a one-time advanced financial support payment to perform a feasibility study to determine the need for public transportation to serve its residents. This payment shall be governed by the following conditions:
(1) The payment shall precede any advanced financial support payment to develop a plan pursuant to RCW 36.57A.150;
(2) The amount of such payment shall be commensurate with the number of residents in and the size of the land area of such municipality and the number and size of school districts in such municipality and shall not exceed one hundred ten thousand dollars; and
(3) Repayment of an advanced financial support payment shall be made to the general fund by the municipality within two years after the date such advanced payment was received. The study shall be completed within one year after the date such advanced payment was received. The study and its recommendations shall then be presented to the legislative authority of the municipality. Within six months of its receipt of the study and its recommendations, the legislative authority shall pass a resolution adopting or rejecting all or part of the study. A copy of the resolution shall be transmitted to the state agency administering this section. Such repayment shall be waived within two years of the date such advanced payment was received if the legislative authority or the voters in such municipality do not elect to levy and collect taxes to support public transportation in their area. Such repayment shall not be waived in the event any of the provisions of this subsection are not followed;
(4) The feasibility study shall give consideration to consolidating or coordinating all or any portion of the K-12 pupil transportation system within the proposed boundaries of the municipality. Any school district lying wholly or in part within the proposed boundaries shall fully cooperate in the study unless the school board shall pass a resolution to the contrary setting forth the reasons therefor. A copy of the resolution shall be forwarded to the secretary of the department of transportation for inclusion in the municipality's application file.
The department of transportation shall provide technical assistance in the preparation of feasibility studies, and shall adopt reasonable rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this section.


SeverabilityEffective date1977 ex.s. c 44: See notes following RCW 36.57A.030.
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