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Rates and charges for services, use, or benefitsWaiver of connection charges for low-income persons.

(1) The legislative body of any city or town may provide by ordinance for revenues by fixing rates and charges for the furnishing of service, use, or benefits to those to whom service, use, or benefits from such facility or utility is available, which rates and charges shall be uniform for the same class of service. The legislative body may waive connection charges for properties purchased by low-income persons from organizations exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the federal internal revenue code as amended prior to July 23, 1995. Waivers of connection charges for the same class of electric or gas utility service must be uniformly applied to all qualified property. Nothing in this subsection (1) authorizes the impairment of a contract.
(2) If revenue bonds or warrants are issued against the revenues collected under subsection (1) of this section, the legislative body of the city or town shall fix charges at rates which will be sufficient, together with any other moneys lawfully pledged therefor, to provide for the payment of bonds and warrants, principal and interest, sinking fund requirements and expenses incidental to the issuance of such revenue bonds or warrants; in fixing such charges the legislative body of the city or town may establish rates sufficient to pay, in addition, the costs of operating and maintaining such facility or utility.
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