Chapter 35.30 RCW



35.30.010Additional powers.
35.30.011Nonpolluting power generation by individualExemption from regulationAuthorization to contract with utility.
35.30.014Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityCreation by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts.
35.30.018Publication of ordinances or summaryPublic notice of hearings and meeting agendas.
35.30.020Sewer systemsSewer fund.
35.30.030Assessment, levy and collection of taxes.
35.30.040Limitation of indebtedness.
35.30.050Additional indebtedness with popular vote.
35.30.060Additional indebtedness for municipal utilities.
35.30.070Adoption of powers granted to code citiesResolution required.
35.30.080Alternative election proceduresResolution required.
35.30.100Criminal code repeal by city operating municipal courtAgreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal casesArbitration.