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Procedure to liquidate and dissolve.

When the trustees, acting under the provisions of RCW 32.24.010, have paid the sums due respectively to all creditors and depositors, who, after such notice as the director shall prescribe, claim the money due and their deposits, the trustees shall make a transcript or statement from the books in the bank of the names of all depositors and creditors who have not claimed or have not received the balance of the credit due them, and of the sums due them, respectively, and shall file such transcript with the director and pay over and transfer all such unclaimed and unpaid deposits, credits, and moneys to the director. The trustees shall then report their proceedings, duly verified, to the superior court of the county wherein the bank is located, and upon such report and the petition of the trustees, and after notice to the attorney general and the director, and such other notice as the court may deem necessary, the court shall adjudge the franchise surrendered and the existence of the corporation terminated. Certified copies of the judgment shall be filed in the offices of the secretary of state and the director and shall be recorded in the office of the secretary of state.


Severability1981 c 302: See note following RCW 19.76.100.
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