Chapter 32.12 RCW



32.12.010Deposits by individuals governed by chapter 30.22 RCWOther deposits which a savings bank may establishLimitations.
32.12.020Repayment of deposits and dividends.
32.12.025Withdrawals by savings bank's drafts in accordance with depositor's instructions authorized.
32.12.050AccountingEntry of assets, real estate, securities, etc.
32.12.070Computation of earnings.
32.12.080Misleading advertisement of surplus or guaranty fund.
32.12.090InterestRateNotice of changed rate.
32.12.120Adverse claim to a deposit to be accompanied by court order or bondExceptions.


city: Chapter 35.38 RCW.
county: Chapter 36.48 RCW.
of state funds: Chapter 43.85 RCW.
Receiving deposits after insolvency prohibited: State Constitution Art. 12 § 12; RCW 9.24.030.
Uniform unclaimed property act: Chapter 63.29 RCW.