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Extension of period of existenceProcedure.

A mutual savings bank may amend its incorporation certificate to extend the period of its corporate existence for a further definite time or perpetually by a resolution adopted by a majority vote of its board of trustees. Duplicate copies of the resolution, subscribed and acknowledged by the president and secretary of such bank, shall be filed in the office of the director within thirty days after its adoption. If the director finds that the resolution conforms to law he or she shall, within sixty days after the date of the filing thereof, endorse upon each of the duplicates thereof, over his or her official signature, his or her approval and forthwith give notice thereof to the bank and shall file one of the certificates in his or her own office and shall transmit the other to the secretary of state. Upon receipt from the mutual savings bank of the same fees as are required of general corporations for filing corresponding instruments, the secretary of state shall file the resolution and record the same. Upon the filing of said resolution in duplicate, approved as aforesaid in the offices of the director and the secretary of state, the corporate existence of said bank shall continue for the period set forth in said resolution unless sooner terminated pursuant to law.


Severability1981 c 302: See note following RCW 19.76.100.
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