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License approval.

After a review of information regarding the directors, officers, and controlling persons of the applicant for a license, a review of the applicant's business plan, including at least three years of detailed financial projections and other relevant information, and a review of such additional information as is considered relevant by the director, the director shall approve an application for a license if, and only if, the director determines that:
(1) The applicant is capitalized in an amount that is not less than five hundred thousand dollars and that such sum is adequate for the applicant to transact business as a nondepository 7(a) lender and that in evaluating the capital position of the applicant the director may consider and include the net worth of any corporate shareholder of the applicant corporation if the shareholder guarantees the liabilities of the applicant: PROVIDED, That such corporate shareholder be subject to the reporting requirements of RCW 31.40.080;
(2) Each director, officer, and controlling person of the applicant is of good character and sound financial standing; that the directors and officers of the applicant are competent to perform their functions with respect to the applicant; and that the directors and officers of the applicant are collectively adequate to manage the business of the applicant as a nondepository 7(a) lender;
(3) The business plan of the applicant will be honestly and efficiently conducted in accordance with the intent and purposes of this chapter; and
(4) The proposed activity possesses a reasonable prospect for success.
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