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DirectorPowers and duties.

(1) The director shall administer this chapter. The director may issue orders and adopt rules that, in the opinion of the director, are necessary to execute, enforce, and effectuate the purposes of this chapter. Rules to enforce the provisions of this chapter shall be adopted under the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW.
(2) Whenever the director issues an order or a license under this chapter, the director may impose conditions that are necessary, in the opinion of the director, to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(3) An application filed with the director under this chapter shall be in such a form and contain such information as the director may require.
(4) Any change of control of a licensee shall be subject to the approval of the director. Such approval shall be subject to the same criteria as the criteria for approval of the original license. For purposes of this subsection, "change of control" means directly or indirectly, alone or in concert with others, to own, control, or hold the power to vote ten percent or more of the outstanding voting stock of a licensee or the power to elect or control the election of a majority of the board of directors of the licensee.
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