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The legislature finds, declares, and intends that:
(1) There exists substantial and growing need in Washington state to enhance the availability of financial assistance for small business and to improve the economy of the localities within this state;
(2) The department, which is charged with (a) the regulation of business development corporations, under this chapter, (b) the regulation of financial institutions and other financial entities as defined in this chapter, and (c) nondepository lenders engaged in guaranteed small business and agricultural lending, under chapters 31.40 and 31.35 RCW, is among those state agencies critical to meeting the needs addressed in subsection (1) of this section; and
(3) It is necessary to assist the department in meeting the needs addressed in subsection (1) of this section and to improve its administration and regulation of this chapter and chapters 31.35 and 31.40 RCW.
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