Chapter 30B.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 30B.38.005Trust business at a trust office.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.010Preexisting approved out-of-state trust institutions.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.020Trust business of out-of-state trust institutionPrerequisite of reciprocityAuthority of director.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.030Requirement of notice.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.040Notice of approval or denial by director.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.050Additional trust offices.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.060Examinations of out-of-state trust institutionsPeriodic reportsCooperative agreementsAssessment of fees.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.070Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.080Notice of subsequent merger, closing, etc.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.090Functionally unregulated out-of-state trust institutions.
HTMLPDF 30B.38.100State trust company operating in another stateApproval of director.