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Liquidation after claims are paid.

When all proper claims of depositors and creditors (not including stockholders) have been paid, as well as all expenses of administration and liquidation and proper provision has been made for unclaimed or unpaid deposits and dividends, and assets still remain in his or her hands, the director shall call a meeting of the stockholders of such corporation, giving thirty days' notice thereof, by one publication in a newspaper published in the county where such corporation is located. At such meeting, each share shall entitle the holder thereof to a vote in person or by proxy. A vote by ballot shall be taken to determine whether the director shall wind up the affairs of such corporation or the stockholders appoint an agent to do so. The director, if so required, shall wind up such corporation and distribute its assets to those entitled thereto. If the appointment of an agent is determined upon, the stockholders shall forthwith select such agent by ballot. Such agent shall file a bond to the state of Washington in such amount and so conditioned as the director shall require. Thereupon the director shall transfer to such agent the assets of such corporation then remaining in his or her hands, and be relieved from further responsibility in reference to such corporation. Such agent shall convert the assets of such corporation into cash and distribute the same to the parties thereunto entitled, subject to the supervision of the court. In case of his or her death, removal or refusal to act, the stockholders may select a successor with like powers.
[ 1994 c 92 § 118; 1955 c 33 § 30.44.140. Prior: 1917 c 80 § 70; RRS § 3277. Formerly RCW 30.44.140.]
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