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Career connected learning cross-agency work groupEstablishment.

(1) Within existing resources, a career connected learning cross-agency work group is established to scale up and expand high quality career connected learning opportunities in communities across the state.
(2) The purpose of the work group is to coordinate agency functions and external partnerships and carry out the duties and responsibilities set forth in RCW 28C.30.040.
(3) The governor shall select the chair of the work group.
(4) The governor's office may consult or contract with entities with expertise in industry and education partnerships to provide staffing support and guidance on industry talent needs. The governor's office may convene additional ad hoc committees that include industry sector advisory groups and leaders including, but not limited to, high-level representatives from education, industry, philanthropy, as well as students, parents, and community partners.
(5) The work group must consist of, but is not limited to, representatives from the following offices and agencies:
(a) The department of labor and industries in consultation with the regulatory apprenticeship council under RCW 49.04.010;
(b) The department of social and health services, including the division of vocational rehabilitation;
(c) The work-integrated learning advisory committee established in RCW 28A.300.196 or its successor;
(d) The education research and data center at the office of financial management;
(e) The employment security department;
(f) The office of the superintendent of public instruction;
(g) The state board of education;
(h) The state board for community and technical colleges;
(i) The student achievement council;
(j) The workforce training and education coordinating board;
(k) One representative of the public baccalaureate institutions;
(l) One representative of the independent four-year institutions of higher education;
(m) The department of children, youth, and families;
(n) The office of the lieutenant governor; and
(o) The office of the governor.
(6) The office of the governor may establish subcommittees of the work group to plan and execute the duties and responsibilities under RCW 28C.30.040.
(7) The work group shall:
(a) Coordinate its strategies and actions related to the common schools with the recommendations of the work-integrated learning advisory committee;
(b) Meet at least six times during the calendar year; and
(c) Report progress to the governor and appropriate committees of the legislature by September 1st annually.


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