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Guidelines in performance of office duties.

The office shall be cognizant of the following guidelines in the performance of its duties:
(1) The office shall be research oriented, not only at its inception but continually through its existence.
(2) The office shall coordinate all existing programs of financial aid except those specifically dedicated to a particular institution by the donor.
(3) The office shall take the initiative and responsibility for coordinating all federal student financial aid programs to ensure that the state recognizes the maximum potential effect of these programs, and shall design state programs that complement existing federal, state, and institutional programs.
(4) Counseling is a paramount function of the Washington college grant program and other state student financial aid programs, and in most cases could only be properly implemented at the institutional levels; therefore, state student financial aid programs shall be concerned with the attainment of those goals which, in the judgment of the office, are the reasons for the existence of a student financial aid program, and not solely with administration of the program on an individual basis.
(5) The "package" approach of combining loans, grants and employment for student financial aid shall be the conceptual element of the state's involvement.
(6) The office shall ensure that allocations of state appropriations for financial aid are made to individuals and institutions in a timely manner and shall closely monitor expenditures to avoid under or overexpenditure of appropriated funds.


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