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Learning improvement daysEligibilityReports.

(1) Subject to funds appropriated for this purpose, targeted professional development programs, to be known as learning improvement days, are authorized to further the development of outstanding mathematics, science, and reading teaching and learning opportunities in the state of Washington. The intent of this section is to provide guidance for the learning improvement days in the omnibus appropriations act. The learning improvement days authorized in this section shall not be considered part of the definition of basic education.
(2) A school district is eligible to receive funding for learning improvement days that are limited to specific activities related to student learning that contribute to the following outcomes:
(a) Provision of meaningful, targeted professional development for all teachers in mathematics, science, or reading;
(b) Increased knowledge and instructional skill for mathematics, science, or reading teachers;
(c) Increased use of curriculum materials with supporting diagnostic and supplemental materials that align with state standards;
(d) Increased rigor of course offerings especially in mathematics, science, and reading;
(e) Increased student opportunities for focused, applied mathematics and science classes;
(f) Increased student success on state achievement measures; and
(g) Increased student appreciation of the value and uses of mathematics, science, and reading knowledge and exploration of related careers.
(3) School districts receiving resources under this section shall submit reports to the superintendent of public instruction documenting how the use of the funds contributes to measurable improvement in the outcomes described under subsection (2) of this section; and how other professional development resources and programs authorized in statute or in the omnibus appropriations act contribute to the expected outcomes. The superintendent of public instruction and the office of financial management shall collaborate on required report content and format.


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