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Judicial proceedings for parenting and support of a child.

(1) After the period for rescission of an acknowledgment of parentage provided in RCW 26.26A.235 has passed, a parent executing an acknowledgment of parentage of the child named therein may commence a judicial proceeding for:
(a) Making residential provisions or a parenting plan with regard to the minor child on the same basis as provided in chapter 26.09 RCW; or
(b) Establishing a child support obligation under chapter 26.19 RCW and maintaining health care coverage under RCW 26.09.105.
(2) Pursuant to RCW 26.09.010(3), a proceeding authorized by this section shall be titled "In re the parenting and support of...."
(3) Before the period for a challenge to the acknowledgment or denial of parentage has elapsed under RCW 26.26A.240, the petitioner must specifically allege under penalty of perjury, to the best of the petitioner's knowledge, that: (a) No person other than a person who executed the acknowledgment of parentage is a parent of the child; (b) there is not currently pending a proceeding to adjudicate the parentage of the child or that another person is adjudicated the child's parent; and (c) the petitioner has provided notice of the proceeding to any other persons who have claimed parentage of the child. Should the respondent or any other person appearing in the action deny the allegations, a permanent parenting plan or residential schedule may not be entered for the child without the matter being converted to a proceeding to challenge the acknowledgment of parentage under RCW 26.26A.240 and 26.26A.445. A copy of the acknowledgment of parentage or the birth certificate issued by the state in which the child was born must be filed with the petition or response. The court may convert the matter to a proceeding to challenge the acknowledgment on its own motion.
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