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Support enforcement services.

(1) The division of child support, Washington state support registry, shall provide support enforcement services under the following circumstances:
(a) Whenever public assistance under RCW 74.20.330 is paid;
(b) Whenever a request for support enforcement services under RCW 74.20.040 is received;
(c) When a support order which contains language directing a responsible parent to make support payments to the Washington state support registry under RCW 26.23.050 is submitted and the division of child support receives a written application for services or is already providing services;
(d) When the obligor submits a support order or support payment, and an application, to the Washington state support registry.
(2) The division of child support shall continue to provide support enforcement services for so long as and under such conditions as the department shall establish by regulation or until the superior court enters an order removing the requirement that the obligor make support payments to the Washington state support registry as provided for in RCW 26.23.050.


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