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Liability of employer or unionPenalties.

(1) The employer or union of a parent who has been ordered to provide health insurance coverage shall be liable for a fine of up to one thousand dollars per occurrence, if the employer or union fails or refuses, within twenty days of receiving the order or notice for health insurance coverage to:
(a) Promptly enroll the parent's child in the health insurance plan; or
(b) Make a written answer to the person or entity who sent the order or notice for health insurance coverage stating that the child:
(i) Will be enrolled in the next available open enrollment period; or
(ii) Cannot be covered and explaining the reasons why coverage cannot be provided.
(2) Liability may be established and the fine may be collected by the office of support enforcement under chapter 74.20A or 26.23 RCW using any of the remedies contained in those chapters.
(3) Any employer or union who enrolls a child in a health insurance plan in compliance with chapter 26.18 RCW shall be exempt from liability resulting from such enrollment.


Effective date2009 c 476: See note following RCW 26.09.105.
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