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Provision of health care to minorImmunity of health care provider.

No health care provider or facility, or their agent, shall be liable for damages in any civil action brought by a parent or guardian based only on a lack of the parent or guardian's consent for medical care of a minor child, if consent to the care has been given by a parent or guardian of the minor. The immunity provided by this section shall apply regardless of whether:
(1) The parents are married, unmarried, in a domestic partnership or not, or separated at the time of consent or treatment;
(2) The consenting parent is, or is not, a custodial parent of the minor;
(3) The giving of consent by a parent is, or is not, full performance of any agreement between the parents, or of any order or decree in any action entered pursuant to chapter 26.09 RCW;
(4) The action or suit is brought by or on behalf of the nonconsenting parent, the minor child, or any other person.


Part headings not lawSeverability2008 c 6: See RCW 26.60.900 and 26.60.901.
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