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Formation of limited cooperative associationArticles of organization.

(1) One or more persons may act as organizers to form a limited cooperative association by delivering to the secretary of state for filing articles of organization.
(2) The articles of organization must state:
(a) The name of the limited cooperative association, which must comply with RCW 23.95.300 and 23.95.305(5);
(b) The purposes for which the association is formed;
(c) The street and mailing addresses in this state of the initial registered agent;
(d) The street and mailing addresses of the initial principal office;
(e) The name and street and mailing addresses of each organizer; and
(f) The term for which the association is to exist if other than perpetual.
(3) Subject to RCW 23.100.0109, articles of organization may contain any other provisions in addition to those required by subsection (1) of this section.
(4) A limited cooperative association is formed after articles of organization that substantially comply with subsection (1) of this section are delivered to the secretary of state, are filed, and become effective under RCW 23.95.210.
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