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Rights and duties of warehouse operatorUnlawful practices.

It is unlawful for a warehouse operator to:
(1) Issue a warehouse receipt for any commodity that he or she does not have in his or her warehouse at the time the receipt is issued;
(2) Issue warehouse receipts in excess of the amount of the commodities held in the licensee's warehouse to cover the receipt;
(3) Remove, deliver, direct, assist, or permit any person to remove, or deliver any commodity from any warehouse for which warehouse receipts have been issued and are outstanding without receiving and canceling the warehouse receipt issued therefor;
(4) Sell, encumber, ship, transfer, or in any manner remove or permit to be shipped, transferred, or removed from a warehouse any commodity received by him or her for deposit, handling, conditioning, or shipment, for which scale weight tickets have been issued without the written approval of the holder of the scale weight ticket and such transfer shall be shown on the individual depositor's account and the inventory records of the warehouse operator;
(5) Remove, deliver, direct, assist, or permit any person to deliver, or remove any commodities from any warehouse, whereby the amount of any fairly representative grade or class of any commodity in the warehouses of the licensee is reduced below the amount for which warehouse receipts or scale weight tickets for the particular commodity are outstanding;
(6) Issue a warehouse receipt showing a grade or description different from the grade or description of the commodity delivered;
(7) Issue a warehouse receipt or scale weight ticket that exceeds the amount of the actual quantity of commodities delivered for storage;
(8) Fail to deliver commodities pursuant to RCW 22.09.150 upon demand of the depositor;
(9) Knowingly accept for storage any commodity destined for human consumption that has been contaminated with an agricultural pesticide or filth rendering it unfit for human consumption, if the commodities are commingled with any uncontaminated commodity;
(10) Terminate storage of a commodity in his or her warehouse without giving thirty days' written notice to the depositor.


Severability1983 c 305: See note following RCW 20.01.010.
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