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Reports by filer of statementAnnual financial statements.

(1) The director may require the person who filed the registration statement to file reports, not more often than quarterly to keep reasonably current the information contained in the registration statement and to disclose the progress of the offering with respect to registered securities which (a) are issued by a face-amount certificate company or a redeemable security issued by an open-end management company or unit investment trust as those terms are defined in the investment company act of 1940, or (b) are being offered and sold directly by or for the account of the issuer.
(2) During the period of public offering of securities registered under the provisions of this chapter by qualification financial data or statements corresponding to those required under the provisions of RCW 21.20.210 and to the issuer's fiscal year shall be filed with the director annually, not more than one hundred twenty days after the end of each such year. Such statements at the discretion of the director or administrator shall be audited by a certified public accountant who is not an employee of the issuer, and the director may verify them by examining the issuer's books and records. The report of such independent certified public accountant shall be based upon an audit of not less in scope or procedures followed than that which independent public accountants would ordinarily make for the purpose of presenting comprehensive and dependable financial statements, and shall contain such information as the director may prescribe, by rules in the public interest or for the protection of investors, as to the nature and scope of the audit and the findings and opinions of the accountants. Each such report shall state that such independent certified public accountant has verified securities owned, either by actual examination, or by receipt of a certificate from the custodian, as the director may prescribe by rules.
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