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City sealers and deputiesAppointment, removalRecord, reportTesting of devices and instrumentsSeal of approval.

(1) There may be a city sealer in every city and such deputies as may be required by ordinance of each such city to administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Each city electing to have a city sealer shall adopt rules for the appointment and removal of the city sealer and any deputies required by local ordinance. The rules for appointment of a city sealer and any deputies must include provisions for the advice and consent of the local governing body of such city and, as necessary, any provisions for local civil service laws and regulations.
(3) A city sealer shall keep a complete and accurate record of all official acts performed under the authority of this chapter and shall submit an annual report to the governing body of his or her city and shall make any reports as may be required by the director.
(4) The city sealer shall test and inspect a sufficient number of weighing and measuring instruments and devices to ensure that the provisions of this chapter are enforced in the city. This subsection does not apply to weighing or measuring instruments or devices for which the sealer does not have the necessary testing or inspection equipment or to instruments or devices that are to be inspected by the department under *RCW 19.94.216(2).
(5) A city sealer may issue an official seal of approval for each weighing or measuring instrument or device that has been inspected and tested and found to be correct.


*Reviser's note: RCW 19.94.216 was amended by 2019 c 96 § 6, deleting subsection (2).
ApplicationEffective dates1995 c 355: See notes following RCW 19.94.015.
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