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Release from official's, executor's, licensee's, etc., bondDefinitions.

Unless otherwise required by the context, words as used in RCW 19.72.110, and 19.72.130 shall mean:
(1) "Bond" shall mean and include any bond, undertaking or writing executed by a principal and surety, required by law from the principal as an official or employee of the state, or any county, municipal corporation or taxing district, or as guardian, executor, administrator, receiver or trustee, or as a licensee or permittee as a condition to the right to receive, hold or exercise any license, permit or franchise;
(2) "Surety" shall mean and include any person, firm or corporation that has executed as surety any bond.
[ 1937 c 145 § 1; RRS § 9942. Formerly RCW 19.72.010.] [SLC-RO-17.]
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