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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Acquisition" means an agreement, arrangement, or activity the consummation of which results in a person acquiring directly or indirectly the control of another person, and includes the acquisition of voting securities and noncorporate interests, such as assets, capital stock, membership interests, or equity interests.
(2) "Carrier" means the same as in RCW 48.43.005.
(3) "Contracting affiliation" means the formation of a relationship between two or more entities that permits the entities to negotiate jointly with carriers or third-party administrators over rates for professional medical services, or for one entity to negotiate on behalf of the other entity with carriers or third-party administrators over rates for professional medical services. "Contracting affiliation" does not include arrangements among entities under common ownership.
(4) "Health care services" means medical, surgical, chiropractic, hospital, optometric, podiatric, pharmaceutical, ambulance, mental health, substance use disorder, therapeutic, preventative, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, palliative, custodial, and any other services relating to the prevention, cure, or treatment of illness, injury, or disease.
(5) "Health care services revenue" means the total revenue received for health care services in the previous twelve months.
(6) "Health maintenance organization" means an organization receiving a certificate of registration pursuant to chapter 48.46 RCW which provides comprehensive health care services to enrolled participants of such organization on a group practice per capita prepayment basis or on a prepaid individual practice plan, except for an enrolled participant's responsibility for copayments and deductibles, either directly or through contractual or other arrangements with other institutions, entities, or persons, and which qualifies as a health maintenance organization pursuant to RCW 48.46.030 and 48.46.040.
(7) "Hospital" means a facility licensed under chapter 70.41 or 71.12 RCW.
(8) "Hospital system" means:
(a) A parent corporation of one or more hospitals and any entity affiliated with such parent corporation through ownership or control; or
(b) A hospital and any entity affiliated with such hospital through ownership.
(9) "Merger" means a consolidation of two or more organizations, including two or more organizations joining through a common parent organization or two or more organizations forming a new organization, but does not include a corporate reorganization.
(10) "Person" means, where applicable, natural persons, corporations, trusts, and partnerships.
(11) "Provider" means a natural person who practices a profession identified in RCW 18.130.040.
(12) "Provider organization" means a corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or organized group of persons, whether incorporated or not, which is in the business of health care delivery or management and that represents seven or more health care providers in contracting with carriers or third-party administrators for the payments of health care services. A "provider organization" includes physician organizations, physician-hospital organizations, independent practice associations, provider networks, and accountable care organizations.
(13) "Third-party administrator" means an entity that administers payments for health care services on behalf of a client in exchange for an administrative fee.
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