Chapter 19.31 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.31.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 19.31.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.31.030Records.
HTMLPDF 19.31.040Contract between agency and applicantContentsNotice.
HTMLPDF 19.31.050Approval of contract, fee schedule.
HTMLPDF 19.31.060Request from employer for interview requiredInformation to be furnished applicant.
HTMLPDF 19.31.070Administration of chapterRulesInvestigationsInspections.
HTMLPDF 19.31.080License requiredPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.31.090BondCash depositAction on bond or depositProcedureJudgment.
HTMLPDF 19.31.100ApplicationContentsFilingQualifications of applicants and licenseesWaiverExceptions.
HTMLPDF 19.31.110Expiration date of licenseReinstatement.
HTMLPDF 19.31.120Transfer of license.
HTMLPDF 19.31.130License sanctionGroundsSupport order, noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 19.31.140Fees for licensees.
HTMLPDF 19.31.150Employment condition precedent to charging feeExceptions.
HTMLPDF 19.31.160Charging fee or payment contrary to chapterReturn of excess.
HTMLPDF 19.31.170Limitations on fee amountsRefundsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 19.31.180Posting of fee limitation and remedy provisions.
HTMLPDF 19.31.190Rules of conductComplaints.
HTMLPDF 19.31.210Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 19.31.220Assurance of discontinuance of violation.
HTMLPDF 19.31.230Civil penalty.
HTMLPDF 19.31.240Service of process outside state.
HTMLPDF 19.31.245Registration or licensing prerequisite to suit by employment agencyAction against unregistered or unlicensed employment agency.
HTMLPDF 19.31.250Chapter provisions exclusiveAuthority of political subdivisions not affected.
HTMLPDF 19.31.260Administrative procedure act to govern administration.
HTMLPDF 19.31.270Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
HTMLPDF 19.31.910Effective date1969 ex.s. c 228.