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Farm labor contractorDuties.

Every person acting as a farm labor contractor shall:
(1) Carry a current farm labor contractor's license at all times and exhibit it to all persons with whom the contractor intends to deal in the capacity of a farm labor contractor prior to so dealing.
(2) Disclose to every person with whom he or she deals in the capacity of a farm labor contractor the amount of his or her bond and the existence and amount of any claims against the bond.
(3) File at the United States post office serving the address of the contractor, as noted on the face of the farm labor contractor's license, a correct change of address immediately upon each occasion the contractor permanently moves his or her address, and notify the director within ten days after an address change is made.
(4) Promptly when due, pay or distribute to the individuals entitled thereto all moneys or other things of value entrusted to the contractor by any third person for such purpose.
(5) Comply with the terms and provisions of all legal and valid agreements and contracts entered into between the contractor in the capacity of a farm labor contractor and third persons.
(6) File information regarding work offers with the nearest employment service office, such information to include wages and work to be performed and any other information prescribed by the director.
(7) On a form prescribed by the director, furnish to each worker, at the time of hiring, recruiting, soliciting, or supplying, whichever occurs first, a written statement in English and any other language common to workers who are not fluent or literate in English that contains a description of:
(a) The compensation to be paid and the method of computing the rate of compensation;
(b) The terms and conditions of any bonus offered, including the manner of determining when the bonus is earned;
(c) The terms and conditions of any loan made to the worker;
(d) The conditions of any transportation, housing, board, health, and day care services or any other employee benefit to be provided by the farm labor contractor or by his or her agents, and the costs to be charged for each of them;
(e) The terms and conditions of employment, including the approximate length of season or period of employment and the approximate starting and ending dates thereof, and the crops on which and kinds of activities in which the worker may be employed;
(f) The terms and conditions under which the worker is furnished clothing or equipment;
(g) The place of employment;
(h) The name and address of the owner of all operations, or the owner's agent, where the worker will be working as a result of being recruited, solicited, supplied, or employed by the farm labor contractor;
(i) The existence of a labor dispute at the worksite;
(j) The name and address of the farm labor contractor;
(k) The existence of any arrangements with any owner or agent of any establishment at the place of employment under which the farm labor contractor is to receive a fee or any other benefit resulting from any sales by such establishment to the workers; and
(l) The name and address of the surety on the contractor's bond and the workers' right to claim against the bond.
(8) Furnish to the worker each time the worker receives a compensation payment from the farm labor contractor, a written statement itemizing the total payment and the amount and purpose of each deduction therefrom, hours worked, rate of pay, and pieces done if the work is done on a piece rate basis, and if the work is done under the Service Contract Act (41 U.S.C. Secs. 351 through 401) or related federal or state law, a written statement of any applicable prevailing wage.
(9) With respect to each worker recruited, solicited, employed, supplied, or hired by the farm labor contractor:
(a) Make, keep, and preserve for three years a record of the following information:
(i) The basis on which wages are paid;
(ii) The number of piecework units earned, if paid on a piecework basis;
(iii) The number of hours worked;
(iv) The total pay period earnings;
(v) The specific sums withheld and the purpose of each sum withheld; and
(vi) The net pay; and
(b) Provide to any other farm labor contractor and to any user of farm labor for whom he or she recruits, solicits, supplies, hires, or employs workers copies of all records, with respect to each such worker, which the contractor is required by this chapter to make, keep, and preserve. The recipient of such records shall keep them for a period of three years from the end of the period of employment. When necessary to administer this chapter, the director may require that any farm labor contractor provide the director with certified copies of his or her payroll records for any payment period.
The recordkeeping requirements of this chapter shall be met if either the farm labor contractor or any user of the contractor's services makes, keeps, and preserves for the requisite time period the records required under this section, and so long as each worker receives the written statements specified in subsection (8) of this section.
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