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Residential buildings moved into a city or countyApplicability of building codes and electrical installation requirements.

(1) Residential buildings or structures moved into or within a county or city are not required to comply with all of the requirements of the codes enumerated in chapters 19.27 and 19.27A RCW, as amended and maintained by the state building code council and chapter 19.28 RCW, if the original occupancy classification of the building or structure is not changed as a result of the move.
(2) This section shall not apply to residential structures or buildings that are substantially remodeled or rehabilitated, nor to any work performed on a new or existing foundation.
(3) For the purposes of determining whether a moved building or structure has been substantially remodeled or rebuilt, any cost relating to preparation, construction, or renovation of the foundation shall not be considered.


Finding1989 c 313: "The legislature finds that moved buildings or structures can provide affordable housing for many persons of lower income; that many of the moved structures or buildings were legally built to the construction standards of their day; and that requiring the moved building or structure to meet all new construction codes may limit their use as an affordable housing option for persons of lower income.
The legislature further finds that application of the new construction code standards to moved structures and buildings present unique difficulties and that it is the intent of the legislature that any moved structure or building that meets the codes at the time it was constructed does not need to comply with any updated state building code unless the structure is substantially remodeled or rebuilt." [ 1989 c 313 § 1.]
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