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Every application for a license shall be in writing, under oath, and in the form prescribed by the director.
Every application shall contain such relevant information as the director may require.
The applicant shall furnish the director with such evidence as the director may reasonably require to establish that the requirements and qualifications for a licensee have been fulfilled by the applicant.
Every application for a license shall state, among other things that may be required, the name of the applicant with the name under which the applicant will do business and the location by street and number, city and state of each office of the business for which the license is sought.
No license shall be issued in any fictitious name which may be confused with or which is similar to any federal, state, county, or municipal governmental function or agency or in any name which may tend to describe any business function or enterprise not actually engaged in by the applicant or in any name which is the same as or so similar to that of any existing licensee as would tend to deceive the public or in any name which would otherwise tend to be deceptive or misleading. The foregoing shall not necessarily preclude the use of a name which may be followed by a geographically descriptive title which would distinguish it from a similar name licensed but operating in a different geographical area.
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