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Cancellation of purchasesRequirementsNoticeVoidable contracts.

(1) A purchase of property, goods, or services ordered as a result of a commercial telephone solicitation as defined in this chapter, if not followed by a written confirmation, is not final. The confirmation must contain an explanation of the consumer's rights under this section and a statement indicating where notice of cancellation should be sent. The purchaser may give notice of cancellation to the seller in writing within three business days after receipt of the confirmation. If the commercial telephone solicitor has not provided an address for receipt of such notice, cancellation is effective by mailing the notice to the department of licensing.
(2) Notice of cancellation shall be given by certified mail, return receipt requested, and shall be effective when mailed. Notice of cancellation given by the purchaser need not take a particular form and is sufficient if it indicates by any form of written expression the name, address, and telephone number of the purchaser and the purchaser's stated intention not to be bound by the sale.
(3) If a commercial telephone solicitor or a seller, if different, violates this chapter in making a sale, or fails to deliver an item within forty-two calendar days, the contract is voidable by giving written notice to the seller and the purchaser is entitled to a return from the seller within fourteen days of all consideration paid. Upon receipt by the purchaser of the consideration paid to the seller, the purchaser shall make available to the seller, at a reasonable time and place, the items received by the purchaser. Any cost of returning the items received by the purchaser shall be borne by the seller, by providing or guaranteeing payment for return shipping. If such payment is not provided or guaranteed, the purchaser may keep without further obligation the items received.
(4) Any contract, agreement to purchase, or written confirmation executed by a seller which purports to waive the purchaser's rights under this chapter is against public policy and shall be unenforceable: PROVIDED, That an agreement between a purchaser and seller to extend the delivery time of an item to more than forty-two days shall be enforceable if the seller has a reasonable basis to expect that he or she will be unable to ship the item within forty-two days and if the agreement is included in the terms of the written confirmation.
(5) Where a contract or agreement to purchase confers on a purchaser greater rights to cancellation, refund, or return than those enumerated in this chapter, such contract shall be enforceable, and not in violation of this chapter: PROVIDED, That all rights under such a contract or agreement to purchase must be specifically stated in a written confirmation sent pursuant to this section.
(6) The provisions of this section shall not reduce, restrict, or eliminate any existing rights or remedies available to purchasers.
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