Chapter 19.150 RCW



19.150.020Lien on personal property.
19.150.030Unpaid rentDenial of access to storage space.
19.150.040Unpaid rentTermination of occupant's rightsNotice.
19.150.050Form of notice.
19.150.060Attachment of lienFinal notice of lien sale or notice of disposal.
19.150.070Sale of property.
19.150.080Manner of saleWho may not acquire propertyInterest on excess proceeds.
19.150.090Claim by persons with a security interest.
19.150.100Payment prior to sale by persons claiming a right to the property.
19.150.110Good faith purchasers.
19.150.120Contract for storage spaceAlternative address for notice.
19.150.130Owner not obligated to provide insurance.
19.150.140Other rights not impaired.
19.150.150Late fees.
19.150.160Occupant in defaultVehicle, watercraft, trailer, recreational vehicle, or camper removal.
19.150.170Limit on value of personal propertyLiability.
19.150.900Short title.
19.150.901Application of chapter.
19.150.902Existing rental agreements not affected.
19.150.903Chapter not applicable to owner subject to Article 62A.7 RCW.