Chapter 19.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.02.010PurposeIntent.
HTMLPDF 19.02.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.02.030Business licensing serviceDutiesRules.
HTMLPDF 19.02.035Business licensing service to compile and distribute informationScope.
HTMLPDF 19.02.050Participation of state agencies.
HTMLPDF 19.02.055Agency dutiesInformationCertification.
HTMLPDF 19.02.070Issuance of licensesScopeBusiness license application and feesAction by regulatory agency, whenAgencies provided information.
HTMLPDF 19.02.075Business license application handling and renewal feesDepartment review of the business license account balance.
HTMLPDF 19.02.080Licensing feesDisposition of.
HTMLPDF 19.02.085Licensing feesBusiness license delinquency feeRateDisposition.
HTMLPDF 19.02.090Business licenseExpiration dateProrated feesConditions of renewal.
HTMLPDF 19.02.100Business licenseIssuance or renewalDenial.
HTMLPDF 19.02.110Business licenseSystem to include additional licenses.
HTMLPDF 19.02.115Licensing informationAuthorized disclosurePenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.02.210Business license account.
HTMLPDF 19.02.300Contract to issue conditional federal employer identification numbers, credentials, and documentsIssuance in conjunction with license applications.
HTMLPDF 19.02.310Performance-based grant program.
HTMLPDF 19.02.320Employment of minors.
HTMLPDF 19.02.800Business license systemCertain business or professional activity licenses exempt.
HTMLPDF 19.02.890Short title.
HTMLPDF 19.02.920Construction.


Reviser's note: Throughout chapter 19.02 RCW, the term "this 1977 amendatory act" has been changed to "this chapter." For codification of "this 1977 amendatory act" [1977 ex.s. c 319], see Codification Tables.