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When used in this chapter:
(1) The "practice of psychology" means the observation, evaluation, interpretation, and modification of human behavior by the application of psychological principles, methods, and procedures for the purposes of preventing or eliminating symptomatic or maladaptive behavior and promoting mental and behavioral health. It includes, but is not limited to, providing the following services to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and the public, whether or not payment is received for services rendered:
(a) Psychological measurement, assessment, and evaluation by means of psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing;
(b) Diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, and psychological aspects of illness, injury, and disability; and
(c) Counseling and guidance, psychotherapeutic techniques, remediation, health promotion, and consultation within the context of established psychological principles and theories.
This definition does not include the teaching of principles of psychology for accredited educational institutions, or the conduct of research in problems of human or animal behavior.
Nothing in this definition shall be construed as permitting the administration or prescribing of drugs or in any way infringing upon the practice of medicine and surgery as defined in chapter 18.71 RCW.
(2) "Secretary" means the secretary of health.
(3) "Board" means the examining board of psychology.
(4) "Department" means the department of health.


Severability1984 c 279: See RCW 18.130.901.
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