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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Application fee" means a fee charged to an individual or individuals prior to the execution of a residency agreement, apart from an entrance fee.
(2) "Care" means nursing, medical, or other health-related services, protection or supervision, assistance with activities of daily living, or any combination of those services.
(3) "Continuing care" means directly providing or indirectly making available, upon payment of an entrance fee and under a residency agreement, housing and care for a period of greater than one year.
(4) "Continuing care retirement community" means an entity that agrees to provide continuing care to a resident under a residency agreement. "Continuing care retirement community" does not include an assisted living facility licensed under chapter 18.20 RCW that does not directly, or through a contractual arrangement with a separately owned and incorporated skilled nursing facility, offer or provide services under chapter 74.42 RCW.
(5) "Department" means the department of social and health services.
(6) "Entrance fee" means an initial or deferred transfer to a continuing care retirement community of a sum of money or other property made or promised to be made as full or partial consideration for acceptance of one or more residents in a continuing care retirement community. "Entrance fee" does not include deposits of ten thousand dollars or less or any amount that is based on rental or lease payments of one month or more.
(7) "Prospective resident" means a person who has completed an application for admission to a continuing care retirement community and makes a refundable deposit to reserve a unit, excluding applicable administrative fees.
(8) "Residency agreement" means a contract between a continuing care retirement community and a resident for the provision of continuing care for a period of greater than one year.
(9) "Resident" means a person who enters into a residency agreement with a continuing care retirement community or who is designated in a residency agreement to be a person being provided with continuing care.
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