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(1) The department, with the advice of the advisory board, shall prepare a written examination to be administered to applicants for certificates of competency for journey level plumber, specialty plumber, and residential service plumber. The examination shall be constructed to determine:
(a) Whether the applicant possesses varied general knowledge of the technical information and practical procedures that are identified with the trade of journey level plumber, specialty plumber, or residential service plumber; and
(b) Whether the applicant is familiar with the applicable plumbing codes and the administrative rules of the department pertaining to plumbing and plumbers.
(2) The department, with the consent of the advisory board, may enter into a contract with a nationally recognized testing agency to develop, administer, and score any examinations required by this chapter. All applicants shall, before taking an examination, pay the required examination fee. The department shall set the examination fee by contract with a nationally recognized testing agency. The fee shall cover but not exceed the costs of preparing and administering the examination and the materials necessary to conduct the practical elements of the examination. The department shall approve training courses and set the fees for training courses for examinations provided by this chapter.
(3) An examination to determine the competency of an applicant for a domestic water pumping system specialty plumbing certificate as defined by RCW 18.106.010(14)(c) must be established by the department in consultation with the advisory board by December 31, 2006. The department may include an examination for appropriate electrical safety and technical requirements as required by RCW 19.28.191 with the examination required by this section. The department, in consultation with the advisory board, may accept the certification by a professional or trade association or other acceptable entity as meeting the examination requirement of this section. The department shall establish a single document for those who have received both the plumbing specialty certification defined by this subsection and have also met the certification requirements for a pump and irrigation or domestic pump specialty electrician, showing that the individual has received both certifications.
(4) The department shall certify the results of the examinations provided by this chapter, and shall notify the applicant in writing whether he or she has passed or failed. Any applicant who has failed the examination may retake the examination, upon the terms and after a period of time that the director shall set by rule. The director may not limit the number of times that a person may take the examination.


Effective date1997 c 326: See note following RCW 18.106.010.
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