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Acupuncture and Eastern medicine advisory committee.

The Washington state acupuncture and Eastern medicine advisory committee is established.
(1) The committee consists of five members, each of whom must be a resident of the state of Washington. Four committee members must be acupuncturists or acupuncture and Eastern medicine practitioners licensed under this chapter who have not less than five years' experience in the practice of acupuncture and Eastern medicine and who have been actively engaged in practice within two years of appointment. The fifth committee member must be appointed from the public at large and must have an interest in the rights of consumers of health services.
(2) The secretary shall appoint the committee members. Committee members serve at the pleasure of the secretary. The secretary may appoint members of the initial committee to staggered terms of one to three years, and thereafter all terms are for three years. No member may serve more than two consecutive full terms.
(3) The committee shall meet as necessary, but no less often than once per year. The committee shall elect a chair and a vice chair. A majority of the members currently serving constitutes a quorum.
(4) The committee shall advise and make recommendations to the secretary on standards for the practice of acupuncture and Eastern medicine.
(5) Committee members must be compensated in accordance with RCW 43.03.240, including travel expenses in carrying out his or her authorized duties in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
(6) Committee members are immune from suit in an action, civil or criminal, based on the department's disciplinary proceedings or other official acts performed in good faith.


Findings2019 c 308: See note following RCW 18.06.010.
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