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Reissuance or modification of suspension of license.

(1) Upon application in writing and after hearing pursuant to notice, the board may:
(a) Modify the suspension of, or reissue a license to, an individual whose license has been revoked or suspended; or
(b) Modify the suspension of, or reissue a license to a firm whose license has been revoked, suspended, or which the board has refused to renew.
(2) In the case of suspension for failure to comply with a support order under chapter 74.20A RCW, if the person has continued to meet all other requirements for reinstatement during the suspension, reissuance of a license shall be automatic upon the board's receipt of a release issued by the department of social and health services stating that the individual is in compliance with the order.


Effective date2001 c 294: See note following RCW 18.04.015.
Short titlePart headings, captions, table of contents not lawExemptions and waivers from federal lawConflict with federal requirementsSeverability1997 c 58: See RCW 74.08A.900 through 74.08A.904.
Effective datesIntent1997 c 58: See notes following RCW 74.20A.320.
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