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Lien for labor, material, equipment used in controlling noxious weedsClaimFilingContents.

No lien created by RCW 17.10.280 exists, and no action to enforce the same shall be maintained, unless within ninety days from the date of cessation of the performance of the labor, furnishing of materials, or the supplying of equipment, a claim for the lien is filed for record as provided in this section, in the office of the county auditor of the county in which the property, or some part of the property to be affected by the claim for a lien, is situated. The claim shall state, as nearly as may be, the time of the commencement and cessation of performing the labor, furnishing the material, or supplying the equipment, the name of the county noxious weed control board that performed the labor or caused the labor to be performed, furnished the material, or supplied the equipment, a description of the property to be charged with the lien sufficient for identification, the name of the owner, or reputed owner if known, or his or her agent, and if the owner is not known, that fact shall be mentioned, the amount for which the lien is claimed, and shall be signed by the county noxious weed control board, and be verified by the oath of the county noxious weed control board, to the effect that the affiant believes that claim to be just; and the claim of lien may be amended in case of action brought to foreclose the same, by order of the court, as pleadings may be, insofar as the interest of third parties shall not be affected by such an amendment.
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