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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Brand" means a permanent fire brand or any artificial mark, other than an individual identification symbol, approved by the director to be used in conjunction with a brand or by itself.
(2) "Certificate of permit" means a form prescribed by and obtained from the director that is completed by the owner or a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner to show the ownership of livestock. It is used to document ownership of livestock while in transit within the state or on consignment to any public livestock market, special sale, slaughter plant or certified feed lot. It does not evidence inspection of livestock.
(3) "Department" means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington.
(4) "Director" means the director of the department or his or her duly authorized representative.
(5) "Horses" means horses, burros, and mules.
(6) "Individual identification certificate" means an inspection certificate that authorizes the livestock owner to transport the animal out of state multiple times within a set period of time.
(7) "Individual identification symbol" means a permanent mark placed on a horse for the purpose of individually identifying and registering the horse and which has been approved for use as such by the director.
(8) "Inspection certificate" means a certificate issued by the director or a veterinarian certified by the director documenting the ownership of an animal based on an inspection of the animal. It includes an individual identification certificate.
(9) "Livestock" includes, but is not limited to, horses, mules, cattle, sheep, swine, and goats.
(10) "Livestock inspection" or "inspection" means the examination of livestock or livestock hides for brands or any means of identifying livestock or livestock hides including the examination of documents providing evidence of ownership.
(11) "Microchipping" means the implantation of an identification microchip or similar electronic identification device to establish the identity of an individual animal:
(a) In the pipping muscle of a chick ratite or the implantation of a microchip in the tail muscle of an otherwise unidentified adult ratite;
(b) In the nuchal ligament of a horse unless otherwise specified by rule of the director; and
(c) In locations of other livestock species as specified by rule of the director when requested by an association of producers of that species of livestock.
(12) "Person" means a natural person, individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, society, and association, and every officer, agent or employee thereof. This term shall import either the singular or the plural as the case may be.
(13) "Production record brand" means a number brand which shall be used for production identification purposes only.
(14) "Ratite" means, but is not limited to, ostrich, emu, rhea, or other flightless bird used for human consumption, whether live or slaughtered.
(15) "Registering agency" means any person issuing an individual identification symbol for the purpose of individually identifying and registering a horse.
(16) "Self-inspection certificate" means a form prescribed by and obtained from the director that was completed and signed by the buyer and seller of livestock to document a change in ownership before June 10, 2010.


Reviser's note: The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
Legislative finding and purpose1993 c 105: "The legislature finds that ratites have been raised for commercial purposes on farms in the United States for over sixty years and have been raised elsewhere for over one hundred twenty years.
In recognition that ratite farming is an agricultural pursuit, the purpose of this act is to assure that the regulatory mechanisms regarding animal health and ownership identification are in place." [ 1993 c 105 § 1.]
Severability1989 c 286: See note following RCW 16.04.010.
Severability1981 c 296: See note following RCW 15.08.010.
Severability1979 c 154: See note following RCW 15.49.330.
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