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Chapter not to affect other lawsAgreements and orders under prior law may be made subject to chapter.

Nothing in this chapter shall apply to nor alter nor change any provision of the statutes of the state of Washington relating to the apple commission (RCW 15.24.010- 15.24.210 inclusive), to the soft tree fruits commission (RCW 15.28.010- 15.28.310 inclusive), to [the] dairy products commission (RCW 15.44.010- 15.44.180 inclusive), or to the grain commission (chapter 15.115 RCW). No marketing agreement or order containing any of the provisions specified in RCW 15.65.310 or 15.65.320 shall be issued with respect to the respective commodities affected by said statutes unless and until any commission established by any such statute shall cease to perform the provisions of its respective statute. The provisions of this chapter shall have no application to any marketing agreement or order issued pursuant to the Washington agricultural enabling act of 1955 (chapter 15.66 RCW); except that any such marketing agreement or order issued pursuant to said 1955 act may be brought under this chapter upon compliance with the provisions of this chapter relating to amendments of marketing agreements and orders, whereupon:
(1) The provisions of this chapter shall apply to and the provisions of said 1955 act shall cease to apply to such marketing agreement or order; and
(2) All assets and liabilities of, or pertaining to such agreement or order, and of any commission or agency established by it, shall continue to exist with respect to such agreement, order, commission or agency after being so brought under this chapter.
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