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Hemp producer licenseRulesFees.

(1) The department must issue hemp producer licenses to applicants qualified under this chapter and the agriculture improvement act of 2018. The department may adopt rules pursuant to this chapter and chapter 34.05 RCW as necessary to license persons to grow hemp under a commercial hemp program.
(2) The plan must identify qualifications for license applicants, to include adults and corporate persons and to exclude persons with felony convictions as required under the agriculture improvement act of 2018.
(3) The department must establish license fees in an amount that will fund the implementation of this chapter and sustain the hemp program. The department may adopt rules establishing fees for tetrahydrocannabinol testing, inspections, and additional services required by the United States department of agriculture. License fees and any money received by the department under this chapter must be deposited in the hemp regulatory account created in RCW 15.140.080.
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