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State's hemp plan.

(1) The department must develop the state's hemp plan to conform to the agriculture improvement act of 2018, to include consultation with the governor and the attorney general and the plan elements required in the agriculture improvement act of 2018.
(2) Consistent with subsection (1) of this section, the state's hemp plan must include the following elements:
(a) A practice for hemp producers to maintain relevant information regarding land on which hemp is produced, including a legal description of the land, for a period of not less than three calendar years;
(b) A procedure for testing, using postdecarboxylation or other similarly reliable methods, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration levels of hemp, without the application of heat;
(c) A procedure for the effective disposal of plants, whether growing or not, that are produced in violation of this chapter, and products derived from such plants;
(d) A procedure for enforcement of violations of the plan and for corrective action plans for licensees as required under the agriculture improvement act of 2018;
(e) A procedure for conducting annual inspections of, at a minimum, a random sample of hemp producers to verify hemp is not produced in violation of this chapter; and
(f) A certification that the state has the resources and personnel to carry out the practices and procedures described in this section.
(3) The proposal for the state's plan may include any other practice or procedure established to the extent the practice or procedure is consistent with the agriculture improvement act of 2018.
(4) Hemp and processed hemp produced in accordance with this chapter or produced lawfully under the laws of another state, tribe, or country may be transferred and sold within this state, outside of this state, and internationally.
(5) The whole hemp plant may be used as food. The department shall regulate the processing of hemp for food products, that are allowable under federal law, in the same manner as other food processing under chapters 15.130 and 69.07 RCW and may adopt rules as necessary to properly regulate the processing of hemp for food products including, but not limited to, establishing standards for creating hemp extracts used for food.
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