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Compliance verification activities.

The department may take the following actions to verify produce farm compliance with the produce safety rule.
(1) Maintain a database of produce farms that are covered by the produce safety rule, exempt from the rule, or eligible for a qualified exemption;
(2) In compliance with law and at reasonable times, enter produce farms solely for the purpose of this chapter to:
(a) Sample and test water for microbial water quality criteria;
(b) Inspect and sample biological soil amendments, storage areas, and fields for compliance with microbial criteria;
(c) Inspect application of biological soil amendments to evaluate contact or potential contact with produce;
(d) Inspect for the presence and management of domesticated and wild animals; and
(e) Inspect equipment, tools, and buildings for adequate sanitation; and
(3) Require and receive records and data submitted by produce farms to verify compliance with the produce safety rule.
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