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(1) At reasonable times, the department may enter any food facility to inspect such food facility and all pertinent equipment, finished and unfinished materials, containers, labeling, and advertisements and take samples for compliance with this chapter and the rules adopted under it.
(2) The department may take product or ingredient samples of food at food facilities or in intrastate commerce upon payment of the market price, if requested. The department must allow the owner of the food or any person named on the label of the food to conduct independent sampling.
(3) To enforce this chapter, the department may inspect the pertinent records of any state agency.
(4) When the department presents a written request specifying the food under investigation, carriers engaged in intrastate commerce and persons receiving or holding food in intrastate commerce must permit the department reasonable access to and allow the department to copy all records showing the movement or holding in intrastate commerce of food, its quantity, shipper, and consignee. Evidence obtained under this section may not be used in a criminal prosecution of the person who provides access to records under this section.
(5) An owner or other person in control of a food facility or food in intrastate commerce may not refuse to allow the department's investigation under this chapter, if the department has probable cause to conduct the investigation.
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