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Entry of information on missing children or endangered persons into missing person computer networkAccess.

Local law enforcement agencies shall file an official missing person report and enter biographical information into the state missing person computerized network within six hours after notification of a missing child or endangered person is received under *RCW 13.32A.050(1) (a), (c), or (d), or an endangered missing person received pursuant to the state endangered missing person advisory plan. The patrol shall collect such information as will enable it to retrieve immediately the following information about a missing child or endangered person: Name, date of birth, social security number, fingerprint classification, relevant physical descriptions, and known associates and locations. Access to the preceding information shall be available to appropriate law enforcement agencies, and to parents and legal guardians, when appropriate.


*Reviser's note: RCW 13.32A.050 was recodified as RCW 43.185C.260 pursuant to 2015 c 69 § 30. RCW 43.185C.260 was subsequently amended by 2019 c 312 § 15, deleting subsection (1)(d).
SeverabilityEffective date1985 c 443: See notes following RCW 7.69.010.
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