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Powers and duties of board.

The juvenile court board of managers shall:
(1) Have general supervision and care of all physical structures and grounds connected with the rendition of probation and detention services and power to do everything necessary to the proper maintenance thereof within the limits of the appropriations authorized.
(2) Subject to the approval and authority of said superior court, the board of managers shall have authority and power to determine the type and extent of probation and detention services to be conducted in connection with the juvenile court, and authority over all matters concerning employment, job classifications, salary scales, qualifications, and number of personnel necessarily involved in the rendition of probation and detention services.
(3) Prepare, in accordance with the provisions of the county budget law, and file with the county auditor a detailed and itemized estimate, both of probable revenues from sources other than taxation and of all expenditures required for the rendition of the services under the jurisdiction of said board.
(4) Prepare and file with the superior court on July 1st of each year, and at such other times and in such form as the court shall require, a report of its operations.
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